Want to send Now Playing song data from SAM Broadcaster to your RDS Encoder, Website, or Streaming Server? MetaRadio makes this possible. This article explains the setup of MetaRadio and SAM Broadcaster.

For other setup guides, see out MetaRadio Support Site.


Configuring SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster can output an XML file to your hard-drive, or network share. This is configured via the “HTML Output” section of the SAM Broadcaster configuration screen. MetaRadio provides a special XML template with all the information it needs.

Here’s how to setup this XML output in SAM Broadcaster:

  1. On the computer that runs SAM Broadcaster, open Notepad and create a new text file with the name “C:\SAM\MetaRadioSAMBroadcaster.xml
    1. Paste our XML Template into this empty file, and save it
  2. Open SAM Broadcaster
  3. Open the “Config” menu via the “File” menu in the top toolbar
  4. Select “HTML Output” from the left menu
  5. In the “General HTML Output” section (top of the window), press the Plus (+) button to and a new template.
    1. Set the Input File to “C:\SAM\MetaRadioSAMBroadcaster.xml” (the template we created earlier
    2. Set the Output File to “C:\SAM\NowPlaying.xml” (you can also put this on a network share, if desired)
    3. Disable the FTP upload
    4. Save your new template
  6. Save your changes in SAM Broadcaster
  7. Play a file in SAM Broadcaster, and check the output file (“C:\SAM\NowPlaying.xml”) is created

Configuring MetaRadio to talk to SAM Broadcaster

  1. Open MetaRadio Config
  2. Add a New Station
  3. Select “SAMBroadcasterXML” from the dropdown menu
  4. Enter the full path to your output XML file (“C:\SAM\NowPlaying.xml”)
  5. Enter the Datetime Format for your system.
  6. Save the Station Details and close the Configuration app
  7. Restart the main MetaRadio app and confirm MetaRadio is connected. You should see the full filename, and information displayed whenever the current on-air song changes.

XML Template for SAM Broadcaster Now Playing Data


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