This WordPress plugin integrates your Gravity Forms-powered Donation Forms with the Profiler IMS and CRM. This is an unofficial plugin, not created by the developers of Profiler IMS.

All successful donations made through your website will be instantly sent to Profiler, where it can be checked in RAPID and then linked to your client records. This cuts down on a lot of manual data entry and verification.

Download the Plugin on GitHub Plugin Setup Instructions

This plugin uses standard Gravity Form hooks, and will integrate seamlessly with existing Payment Gateway plugins. For Australian non-profits, we recommend the Gravity Forms eWay plugin. Other payment gateways such as Stripe and should also work. If it’s supported by Gravity Forms, it should work with this plugin (of course you still need to test these yourself to be sure of 100% compatibility).

This plugin is provided 100% free of charge, and distributed under the terms of the GPLv2 License. Professional Services such as setup and customisations may also be available. Get in touch!


P.S. Check out the Fancy Fundraising plugin to create best-practice, purpose built donation pages.