Livewire Audit Logger is a simple way to track changes to Livewire Routes and Livewire GPIO pin states over time. Simply run the EXE, add the IP addresses of all your Livewire devices, and watch it log everything in real-time.

Want to know if your satellite provider forgot to send a pulse? Curious if anyone’s actually using that automation system remote you wired up last week? Want to know when someone accidentally routed the mic feed from the voice-tracking booth to the PA in the sales office? Livewire Audit Logger makes this easy.

Changes are logged to disk, and available for 30 days. The latest changes are also displayed on the screen in realtime.

This app is focused on logging routes and GPIO changes – an essential part of any virtual engineering toolkit when working on Livewire networks. It doesn’t log audio, v-mixes or console changes – only changes to routes and GPIO.

Here’s a screenshot to demonstrate how simple it is:

Purchase Livewire Audit Logger

Livewire Audit Logger

A simple way to monitor route & GPIO changes on Livewire Routing Protocol devices.

USD $29 per-user

  • Unlimited LWRP Devices
  • GPIO Pin State Change Logging
  • Audio Route Change Logging
  • Keep log files for 30 days
  • Logging of non-LWRP Devices (Studio Engines, etc.)

Each license you purchase is for one user (technician), but in reality we have no way of keeping tabs on your usage. You get a single EXE and can technically do whatever you want with it. However, purchasing a license helps me develop this and other Livewire apps, such as my open source Livewire Simple Delegation Switcher and Livewire Routing Protocol Client for Python.

Livewire Audit Logger was not created or endorsed by The Telos Alliance (the creators of Livewire). This is an independent software project that builds on top of other excellent Livewire products.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
  • Livewire Routing Protocol Devices on your LAN