Allowing Users to Install Fonts without an Admin Password

Powershell Script for Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows requires an admin password to install a font. I’ve hacked together a simple Powershell script to allow any user (regardless of admin permissions) to install a font on their local PC.

This is perfect for creative industries where users need to constantly install new fonts for design or video work. This means you can keep following the concept of least-privilege on your workstations while still empowering users to perform this benign everyday task.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t given us a local Security Policy to enable this privilege. Hence, the need for this script which can be run as the local computer context and install regardless of any individual user’s permissions.

The following script, based on a script originally posted at, takes all fonts from a specified folder and installs them upon computer startup. All you need to do is run this script as a Group Policy Computer Startup Script, and new fonts will be installed every time a user reboots their PC.

Here’s the full Powershell script:

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