Reference+ is the new, easy way to create Year 12 Graduation References.

Students and teachers can work together to easily create a graduating reference, using our simple, web-based tool. Manual paper-based forms, spreadsheets, template documents and long hours are a thing of the past.

Reference+ can be adapted to meet your school’s requirements. Easily add and remove options from your master template, and have students fill out the appropriate details themselves.

Reference+ comes with guided support. We’ll handle the setup, including data import and initial template creation.

How it works

Reference+ is easy to use. All you need is a web browser. We’ll help you through the entire process!

Step 1
Import student information (basic details and courses) in CSV format from common systems such as EdVal and Sentral

Step 2
Setup your reference template with your standard letter text, plus all the options to choose from (activities, rewards, etc.)

Step 3
Have students login and select the activities they have been a part of during their time at school

Step 4
Teachers check the submitted information, make changes, and add extra information as required

Step 5
A PDF reference is generated for every student, ready to print and present to the student upon his or her graduation

Why I Created ReferencePlus

ReferencePlus was created at the request of a local high school, which needed an easier was to create references each year for well over a hundred students. Teachers didn’t have the time to collect all the information, enter it into the computer, and generate references using Microsoft Word templates.

ReferencePlus is a 100% web-based app. It accepts student and course data in CSV format, providing support for a whole variety of school administration systems such as EdVal and Sentral. It has flexible templates, easily customisable by teachers. Honestly, it’s super easy. Teachers love it.


ReferencePlus - Template Editor Screenshot
Easily setup the reference template, with maximum configurability.

ReferencePlus - Student Data Entry Screenshot
Students can easily select all the activities they have been a part of.

How to Get ReferencePlus for Your School

Reference+ is now available for schools to sign up. Please email me if you are interested. We can discuss your requirements, organise a demo, and do a deal.

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