Our Radio Website Platform contains a number of features to help you create a Radio Program Guide. This article explains how to setup your program guide and customise its display on your website.

Program Guides are setup via MetaRadio. You have two options:

  1. Manually enter your program guide into MetaRadio
  2. Sync your program guide from AMRAP Pages

Manual Program Guide Setup

To manually create your program guide in WordPress, head to the ‘MetaRadio’ menu item in your WordPress Dashboard menu.

Click on ‘Programs’. On this screen, you can enter all your programs. You do not need to enter any times onto this screen.

Now, head to the ‘Program Guide’ screen. On this screen, you can select a station, day, and then enter all the start and end times for each program.

Enter the start and end times in the format HH:MM, using 23hr time. Shows that end at midnight can be entered as 23:59.

Use the button ‘Add Extra Guide Row’ to add extra lines to the program guide.

AMRAP Pages Sync

If you wish to automatically sync your program guide from AMRAP Pages, follow these instructions. Any existing program guide entries will be removed when you do this.

In your WordPress dashboard, head to the ‘MetaRadio’ menu item and click on ‘On Demand & Guide Settings’.

In the ‘Stations/Systems’ section, add a new system. Select ‘AMRAP Pages’ from the dropdown, enter your station’s callsign in the ‘Station Slug’ field, and enter ‘fm’ or ‘digital’ into the ‘Guide Slug’ field.

Save the changes on this screen. When the page reloads, you can now create a mapping. This section shows a list of every MetaRadio station, and in the drop-down you can select the AMRAP Pages callsign to link it to.

If you want show pages automatically created, check the appropriate box and select a parent-page in the dropdown.

If you want show pages created for Unscheduled Shows, check this box. A program guide entry will not be created, but a page will be. If the show is scheduled in the future, it will be automatically added to the program guide.

Once you have setup this feature, changes are synced every hour. Your program guide in WordPress is always overridden with the latest guide from AMRAP Pages.

Note: All shows in AMRAP Pages need a unique entry in the ‘External ID’ field

Customising the Display Of Your Program Guide

Once you have setup your program guide, you can choose how it is displayed on your website. We provide three different layouts, which you can select from:

  1. Cards
  2. Avatars
  3. Grid

Cards Layout Example

Avatars Layout Example

Grid Layout Example

How to change your layout

Every Radio Website contains a Program Guide page by default, which you are welcome to edit. The Program Guide is inserted as a block on the page.

Simply select your station & style from the drop-down menus, and you have altered the layout of the page.

You can, of course, create multiple pages with different guide styles if you wish to give your visitors access to different options.

For example, your main Program Guide page may contain a Card or Avatar layout, and then you use a Button Block to link to a secondary page containing the Grid.

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