ACR Cloud is a Broadcast Music Fingerprinting service. It listens to your internet stream in real-time, detects the songs you are playing, and sends the song data through to a service such as MetaRadio Standalone and MetaRadio WordPress. Think of it like a always-on version of Shazam

This guide shows you how to setup ACR Cloud to feed data into your RDS Encoders, Streaming Servers, Websites, Apps, and more. It allows live fingerprinting of every track you play on your radio station, even if the metadata isn’t available to you in your PC.

ACRCloud is a paid product from a third-party. Subscription to ACR Cloud is not included in the purchase price of MetaRadio.

In Version 1.5.0 of MetaRadio, ACRCloud data was sent directly to MetaRadio WordPress. Now, with Version 1.6.0 you are able to send it to MetaRadio Standalone (without needing a web server), so you can use this data in a wider variety of outputs.


Before you begin, you will need to install MetaRadio Standalone on a PC at your station.

You can download a free trial or purchase a license for “MetaRadio“. When you try or purchase this app, you will be sent an EXE file (MetaRadio Standalone).

Setup ACR Cloud Broadcast Monitoring

  1. Login to ACR Cloud Console
  2. Go to Broadcast Monitoring > Custom Streams
  3. Create a Custom Stream project and attach the bucket named ACRCloud Music as the following image shows. Make a note of the Project ID generated for you in ACRCloud – you will need this information later.

4. Click on the name of the project just created to enter the project page. Add the stream URL to the project as the following picture shows and choose the config you need. Make a note of the Stream ID generated for you by ACRCloud – you’ll need this later.

Get an ACR Cloud API Token

In order to get the data from ACRCloud, you will need to generate an API Access Token. This is done by clicking on your account name in the top right corner of your account, and clicking on ‘Developer Setting’.

Ensure your elect the ‘read-bm-cs-projects’ and ‘read-bm-bd-projects’ API permissions.

Make a note of the generated API key for later. You’ll need it soon.

Connecting MetaRadio Standalone to ACRCloud

The last piece of the puzzle is to put these details into your MetaRadio Standalone app.

Launch MetaRadio Config, and click ‘Add Station’. Select ‘ACRCloud’ from the dropdown.

Next, you can fill out the configuration details we found in the previous steps.

  • Name: Enter any relevant name to help you identify this system
  • Minimum Track Duration: Tracks below this length will be ignored
  • ACR Cloud Project ID: As found in the ACRCloud Dashboard
  • ACR Cloud Channel/Stream ID: As found in the ACRCloud Dashboard. If you are using a Custom Stream, this is the Stream ID, and if you are using the Broadcast Monitor Database, this is the Channel ID.
  • ACR Cloud API Token: As generated in the ‘Developer Settings’ screen of the ACRCloud dashboard
  • ACR Cloud Mode: Either CustomStream or BroadcastDatabase, based on how you have setup this station in the ACRCloud dashboard

Once you have filled out these settings, save your changes.

You can now either configure your outputs, or run MetaRadio to ensure it connects properly.

When you run MetaRadio, you should see information displayed whenever the current on-air song changes and is detected by ACRCloud. There can be a delay of up to 30 seconds based on the fingerprinting process.

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