MetaRadio RDS UECP Setup Guide

Want to send Now Playing song data to your UECP Encoder, from your Radio Automation system? MetaRadio makes this possible. This article explains the setup of MetaRadio and generic UECP RDS encoders, allowing the use of RadioText and RadioText+ for Now-Playing song data.

You’ll need to get a free trial or paid license of MetaRadio before you can begin. For other setup guides, see our MetaRadio Support Site.


  • MetaRadio installed on your PC, with at least one station (automation system) configured
  • A UECP RDS Encoder connected to your network via IP
  • Before you begin, we recommend upgrading the firmware on your RDS Encoder to the latest version

What is UECP?

UECP is a generic protocol used to configure RDS Encoders and send dynamic data to them. It is supported to varying degrees in most new RDS Encoders, although proprietary protocol are still pretty common too.

MetaRadio can send RadioText and RadioText+ data to UECP-equipped RDS Encoders via TCP or UDP.

If you don’t have a UECP-equipped RDS encoder, you can use the StereoTool software as a quick and easy way to test UECP.

Configuring your RDS Encoder

Your RDS Encoder needs to be configured before MetaRadio can send any data to it.

Configuration varies between encoder manufacturers and individual models.

In general, you will need to:

  1. Enable UECP data input
  2. Set the mode to UECP
  3. Select between TCP and UDP (we suggest TCP for beginners as it’s easier to troubleshoot)
  4. Set a port number

This screenshot shows these simple settings in StereoTool:

How to setup UECP in MetaRadio

MetaRadio makes it very easy to setup an UECP output.

In MetaRadio Config, select your Radio Station, and click “Edit”. Then click “Add Output” and select “RDSUECP” from the drop-down menu.

Next, you can enter the IP address of your UECP RDS encoder.

You can also select between TCP and UDP – this must match what your RDS encoder is expecting.

In the ‘Fallback Text’ box, enter the RadioText to be used when no track is playing.

You can also adjust the formatting strings for your RadioText.

Click “Save Output Details” and “Save Station Details”.

Restart the main MetaRadio app, and check to see if data is sent to the encoder next time a song plays on-air.

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