MetaRadio provides a really easy way to send now-playing data from your radio automation system to All In Media‘s Radio API. This API can be used to display data on their Radio Template App, CBAA’s Community Radio Plus app, and other apps created by All In Media.

This guide shows you how to setup MetaRadio to send data to AIM’s API.


Before you can get started, you must download and install MetaRadio Standalone on your PC. This app does the work of connecting your automation system to AIM and other systems such as RDS Encoders, Streaming Servers, Websites, DAB+, and more!

MetaRadio Standalone is a paid app, but there is a free trial available.

Once you have installed MetaRadio, connect your automation system. We support over 22 of the most popular radio automation and playout systems, and if you don’t have an automation system you can even use music fingerprinting!

You will also need some connection parameters from All In Media’s support team. These are unique to each station and app.

Connecting to AIM’s API

Now that you have installed MetaRadio and connected your automation system successfully, we can move on and connect to All In Media’s servers.

Open MetaRadio Config, select your station, and click “Add Output”.

Select “AllInMediaRadioAPI” from the drop-down list.

You can now enter your access credentials as supplied by All In Media’s support team. The fields you will need are:

  • HTTP Auth Username: Often your callsign
  • HTTP Auth Password: A unique password provided by AIM
  • Station ID: Often your callsign
  • Station Group: The company’s name. For the Community Radio Plus app, enter ‘cbaa’
  • iTunes Store Country Code: To allow iTunes matching, enter a two-digit country code such as ‘AU’ or ‘US’.

Once you have entered these details, you can save and close MetaRadio Config.

When you open MetaRadio, it will show you information every time data has been sent to AIM.

You can check if the data has been received by AIM by looking in your app, or checking the URL matching this format:<group>/<station>/onair.json

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