LSC Clarity 128 Channel Starter License

LSC Clarity is a powerful software-based lighting control system for PC and Mac. A new budget 128 DMX Channel version has been released, and is now available for $995 (this includes the license and a DMX512 USB adaptor).

Until just now, the smallest (and cheapest) version was the 512 channel version – this can be purchased from around $1700 (via retailers such as Brisbane Sound or Production Works). When you start adding the VX10 and VX20 fader wings, or even the QX1 USB adaptor the system is pushed out of the price range of the budget conscious users such as schools and churches.

This new $995 LSC Clarity license is prices at $995, making it easy for more people to get started with the software. Just add your own laptop, and you have a extremely powerful lighting control system.

You can also expand the system by connecting more dongles. The software will grow with every dongle you connect. This means you can get a 128 channel license now, and add more channels down the track without wasting your initial investment.

LSC Clarity 128 channel starter kit: license and USB adaptorThe new LSC Clarity 128 channel starter package includes:

  • The latest fully operational Clarity software – Full features as standard
  • a QX1 to provide DMX512 output
  • a Clarity dongle to unlock 128 channels of DMX output

The only restrictions are:

  • Limited to 128 DMX output channels
  • No free custom fixture template service

This makes it the perfect solution for schools, churches, freelancers and small rental houses. You aren’t limited by functionality – just DMX channels.

Why use the LSC Clarity Lighting Software?

LSC Clarity is, in my opinion, one of the best lighting control packages out there. It has a very user-friendly interface, making it easy to get started in the system. It also has time-saving features such as fanning and effect generators.

It’s flexible enough to be used with traditional cue lists, or mix-and-match pallets on the fly (a must-have if you’re doing a school variety show). I’ve found it great for controlling moving lights, LED Tape, Par Cans, LED Pars, hazers, plus traditional dimmers.

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