DMX 3 pin to 5 pin Wiring

XLR Connectors are used extensively in both audio and lighting. Traditionally, 3 pin connectors have been the domain of audio and 5 pin XLR connectors have been the domain of DMX control for lighting. However, there are a lot of lighting fixtures which use 3 pin XLR connectors for DMX. This article explains how to made adaptors between 3 and 5 pin DMX XLR connectors.

3-Pin XLR 5-Pin XLR Signal
1 1 Ground
2 2 DMX Data –
3 3 DMX Data +
N/C 4 DMX 2 Data –
N/C 5 DMX 2 Data +

Here are XLR connector pinout diagrams:

XLR Wiring Standard: 3 pin

XLR Wiring Standard: 5 pin

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